Level Designer / Narrative Designer

Wakesea, City of Bots

Wakesea, City of Bots


Before a trip, we usually download maps and read guides about our destination. These steps somehow make us feel more comfortable with the idea of travelling to the unknown. Would it be better to know the smaller stories of the people that live in that town? The games they play? The restaurants they hate? The high school rumours?


Wakesea, City of Bots is an ongoing project, developed as a world-building exercise, that aims to create multiple Twitter bots set in the same universe.

Taking on a variety of topics, and using different mechanics and distinct writing styles, each bot will tell a story in the fictional town of Wakesea.

From a “train line information” bot to an “angry farmer venting because of his wild animals” bot, you’ll be able to parse out a larger narrative structure (the 30 bots) from a smaller part (each bot).


As a narrative designer, I want to be able to give voices to a wide range of characters and to use different tones. I believe Tracery and Twitter are the perfect combination to help me achieve this goal. Furthermore, I will be doing all the art in Illustrator and Photoshop to make sure each bots as singular style.