Level Designer / Narrative Designer

Exploring Appia


Example of the impact of the choice made between two NPCs.

Example of a Quest Giver NPC. If you find his scarf, he gives you an axe for your troubles, then you can cut down a giant redwood blocking your way.

Flow chart of a type of NPC

Flow chart of a type of NPC

Example of a ink file for a type of NPC

Example of a ink file for a type of NPC


When I was 10, I would take my younger brother out to the woods to get lost and make up stories. Since I was the oldest, I would be the one telling these tall tales. To this day, I still have hand-drawn maps and precious rocks from our adventures in our infinite forest backyard. That sense of exploration is at the heart of Appia. I want to create a game that players will want to explore at length... every ravine, every tunnel, every mountain, etc. No matter the distance, there's always something lurking around the bend for the player to discover.


Appia is a 2D platformer with "choose your own adventure" elements. Decisions you make along your journey influence the story you're being told. Right now, Margot is lost in the forest and trying to get to the village. Have a look around and talk to some folks. They might help out.


Unity, ink, Tiled, Photoshop, Audition, Ableton Live