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Maxime Monast

Designer / Writer / Best Friend

The VCR was always broken at my house because I kept putting peanut butter sandwiches and vitamin C’s inside. You know, to see what would play.

I once asked my mom if we could invite the cashier from the grocery store over for dinner, because she knew the whereabouts of a mysterious fourth flute in Super Mario Bros. 3. Years later, I would learn that she was lying to impress a six-year-old.

One weekend, with money saved up, I rented a PlayStation at the video store to play Final Fantasy VII. I remember getting out of Midgar and thinking to myself, “Why does this game have three disks, I’m almost at the end?” Boy, was I in for a surprise and some late fees.

Now that you know me a little, don’t be shy. Drop me a line or something.